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Irish Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage



Code of Ethics & Practice

Baby Massage Ireland (CHY15854) – Code of Ethics and Practice

Professional Conduct


Members shall at all times:-

  • Conduct themselves in an honourable and courteous manner and with due diligence in their relations with their clients and the public.
  • Seek a good relationship and work in a co-operative manner with fellow members and other healthcare professionals, recognising and respecting their particular contribution within the healthcare team, irrespective of whether they perform from an allopathic or alternative/complementary base.
  • Assist professional colleagues, in the context of their own knowledge, experience and sphere of responsibility, to develop their professional competence to contribute safely and to a degree appropriate to their roles.
  • Maintain and improve their professional knowledge and competence.
  • Refrain from criticising fellow members and must not attempt to entice clients away from another member.
  • Members must not use titles or descriptions to give the impression of qualifications that they do not possess


Towards Clients

Members must:-

  • Recognise that their primary concern is for the client.
  • Act always in such a manner as to promote and safeguard the interests and well being of clients.
  • Recognise and respect the uniqueness and dignity of each client, and respond to their need for care, irrespective of their ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political views, gender, sexual orientation, personal attributes, the nature of their health problems or any other factor.
  • Recognise that proper moral conduct must always be paramount in members' relations with clients. Immoral conduct in the course of practice is prohibited.
  • Behave with courtesy, respect, dignity, discretion and tact. Their attitude must be competent, compassionate and positive, thus promoting the client's well being and parenting skills.
  • Avoid any abuse of the privileged relationship that exists between client and member and respect the access allowed to the client’s person, property, residence or workplace.
  • Work in an open and co-operative manner with clients and their families, foster their independence and respect their degree of involvement in the infant massage course.
  • Safeguard themselves and their clients. The IAIM suggests that members maintain a class register, evaluation forms and keep a reflective journal for relevant comments.
  • Ensure that no action or omission on their part, or within their sphere of responsibility, is detrimental to the interests, condition or safety of clients.
  • Make clear to the client that no other therapy, other than that included in the IAIM core curriculum, forms part of the teaching of infant massage.



Members must:-

  • Protect all confidential information concerning clients, including their names and addresses, obtained in the course of professional practice.
  • Make disclosures only with the prior consent of the client or
  • Where required by the order of a court or
  • Where they can justify disclosure in the wider public interest e.g. a notifiable disease.

The Relationship Between Members And Medical Advisors

Members must not countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a medical advisor.

In the event of a serious condition or a condition that may need medical advice being suspected, the member should advise that client to consult his/her own GP or medical advisor.

Members should encourage parental responsibility for obtaining advice.

Limits of Professional Expertise

BMI members (CIMI's) must:-

  • Teach the core curriculum, respecting the philosophy of the IAIM.
  • Not instruct or advise outside their scope of expertise. Where appropriate, the member must encourage the client to seek advice.
  • Not prescribe remedies, herbs, supplements, essential oils etc. unless they are qualified and
    insured to do so.


Professional Misconduct

The BMI Board shall have the power to remove any name from its register of members for non-adherence to the Code of Ethics and Practice.



The BMI Board reserves the right to accept or refuse membership applications and to terminate existing membership. The decision of the BMI Board is final.

Members must:-

  • Read, understand and abide by the BMI Code of Ethics and Practice. This code is not a substitute for those of other bodies to which a member may belong.
  • Agree to pay their annual membership fee on the due date, November each year. Membership will be terminated if membership fees are not paid within ONE month of the due date.
  • In accordance with a motion passed by those present at the 2008 AGM, once a member has caused their membership to be terminated by failing to pay annual fees within one month of their due, that CIMI will have to pay a reinstatement fee as well as the balance due in order to return to good standing within BMI. The amount will be decided by the current board.

Only fully qualified, members are allowed to use the letters CIMI.

Once trained as a Student Member of BMI, members will endeavour to complete their certification process within twelve months. Any extension of this process must be arranged directly with the Student Member’s trainer.

Student Members shall not advertise for paying clients before obtaining their qualification certificate.

The BMI logo is for the sole and exclusive use of the individual that it was sent to. Under no circumstances is any CIMI permitted to forward the logo to a third party. Only registered, fully paid up, members of BMI are permitted to use the BMI logo. Breech of this clause may result in membership being terminated. Any individual seen to use the logo when they are not a member of Baby Massage Ireland is infringing the policies and procedures of BMI. (Please refer to the policies and procedures page 33. point 5.)


Any CIMI in need of the logo must request it from the current Membership Secretary.

Insurance Cover

All students and practising members of BMI must maintain Professional Indemnity insurance to an acceptable level at all times.

Health & Safety Issues

Members should ensure that they themselves are medically, physically and psychologically fit to instruct.

Care must be taken to ensure adequate hygiene and quality of materials and products.

The venue should have appropriate lighting, heating and ventilation. The toilet and washing facilities including soap and towel, or other means of drying, should be adequate.

It is the duty of members to be aware of and observe laws on public health, hygiene and safety e.g. the use of childproof electrical socket covers, the location of fire exits etc .

Advertising & Publicity

Members must seek approval from BMI Chapter Board if their registration status is to be used in the promotion of commercial products or services.

Members should ensure that their professional judgement is not influenced by any commercial considerations.

All advertisements should be in accord with the core curriculum of BMI and the IAIM.

No advertisement or leaflet produced by a member should make claims to cure or diagnose.
The possible therapeutic benefits may be described.

Advertisements must be placed only in magazines and newspapers of relevant standing.

Advertisements must be restricted to appropriate conferences and exhibitions of relevant interest.

Any use of information or photographs of clients should only be used with the client’s express consent.

The Membership Secretary should be made aware of any articles or publicity issued on behalfof BMI that displays or mentions the BMI Head office details. This is in order that BMI is able to monitor and respond accurately to any resulting correspondence.

Future Of Baby Massage Ireland

The board of Baby Massage Ireland has the authority to update the code of ethics and practise as they see fit and the changes are to be ratified at the next AGM.

Failure by an individual to abide by the code of ethics and practises may result in that individual having their membership with Baby Massage Ireland terminated.