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Renew your membership 2019-2020

Dear CIMI's,

The Private HealthCare Providers have specifically asked for an annual membership list to be submitted. Therefore, irrelevant to the reason, those who have not submitted their registration form and paid their membership dues by 1st December of this year will not be included in the Membership list sent annually to the healthcare providers. The insurance companies sometimes use the BMI website to confirm BMI membership, if your details are not on the website you can arrange to have them added by emailing


If you choose not to register by 1st December 2019 you can continue to teach Baby Massage although your parents may not be able to claim the cost from the Healthcare providers as you will not be included on the list submitted in December. Please ensure that parents are aware that they may not be able to reclaim the cost if you are not included on the annual membership list..


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT submit this form until you can enter a stroke review date and the EXACT date you made your PayPal payment. Failure to submit accurate dates will result in your form being rejected and you will need to re-do it once you have valid information (future dates are not considered valid unless you are paying for the conference along with your membership)

Step 1 : Pay your membership

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€50 Annual membership to Baby Massage Ireland valid until 01/11/2020:

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€75 Annual membership to Baby Massage Ireland when paying on or after 01/11/20:

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